Women of Blessed Sacrament

St. Catherine Circle
St. Catherine Circle is one of four Circles of women in our Parish.  The name is in honor of St. Catherine of Laboure.  During an apparition, Our Lady showed her the medal of the Immaculate Conception, the “miraculous medal.”  Through St. Catherine’s experience, we are encouraged in our devotion to honor Mary, Mother of our Lord , Jesus Christ.  The purpose of our Circle is to respond to what our Lord and Savior asks of us.

Currently, our Circle has 25 members.  We hold bake sales and meetings once a month from September through May.  Our goal is to help the needy among us with funds from our bake sales.

Dues: $10.00 a year paid in September.

Pennies: We make donations of pennies to support the “Water for Life” project, which is a part of the Madonna Plan and CRS.  This is an effort to provide clean water to homes in countries where there is no supply of safe water.

Bake Sales: Held in the Parish Hall the first Sunday of each month after the 8:30 A.M. and 10:30 A.M. Masses.

Circle Meetings: Second Monday of each month at 9:30 A.M. in the Parish Center (Nursery).  During our Circle meetings, we have prayer, scripture reading and presentation on one of the saints.  We also enjoy a short social with coffee, juice and a snack before we being our monthly meeting.  By joining a Circle, we get to know one another and build a stronger community of faith and love.  Come join St. Catherine Circle.  We welcome all women of the parish, 18 years and older.  Contact Sheri Smith at 566-1685 , Gloria Karam at 322-6808.

St. Theresa Circle
St. Theresa Circle is a group of Catholic women of all ages.  Our goal is to help and support the mission of Blessed Sacrament and each other.  Special projects in which we have been involved include the parish Easter Egg Hunt, Children’s Christmas Party, Family Fun Night, Mother-Daughter Luncheon, the parish Habitat for Humanity projects, and various other Diocesan and Florida Catholic Women’s meetings and projects.  We facilitate the baby shower for the Pregnancy Help and Information Center.

We support our various projects by making lollipops and selling them.  Any mother, grandmother, aunt, etc., can find lolly-making a very useful skill!

We have one or two personal group retreats per year to the beach at Port St. Joe to renew the mind, body and spirit, and to fellowship with each other.

We meet monthly, either at the church or a member’s home, and welcome any women of Blessed Sacrament parish to join us.  The meetings are announced in the parish bulletin.  We are a great way for women to become involved in the parish.  Contact person: Karen Weimer at 222-7620 or Jan Condon at 766-0089.

Mother Seton Circle
Mother Seton Circle was begun in 1975 to invite young women in the parish to get involved.  We chose St. Elizabeth Ann Seton as our patron saint.  Mother Seton holds the ideals each of us are proud of, and we use her as our role model.  Over the years, our membership has grown into a mixture of ages and backgrounds, while sharing the same interests.

From year to year, we have been responsible for the planning of such functions as the Children’s Christmas Party, Children’s Easter Egg Hunt, Mother-Daughter Luncheon, and soup and salad during Lent.

Mother Seton Circle is best known for its jams and jellies which we prepare and sell as a fund raising project.  We also provide support to individual charity projects which interest us.  Our Circle enjoys social functions, such as family picnics, dinner outings, and Mother Seton Feast Day Mass and dinner.  We also assist periodically with the cleaning of the church on a Saturday morning, with lunch after at local restaurants.

We are a hard-working, fun-loving and close-knit group of women.  We enjoy being together – working, praying or playing.  Being involved in our Circle is a great way to make friends and work for the Lord at the same time!  Contact Amy Harris 850-273-0663

Our Mother of Perpetual Help Circle
Interested in fun and fellowship?  Want to “wear out” not “rust out?”  Share a pleasant morning with friends?  Our Mother of Perpetual Help (MPH) is the group for you.  One of the four Circles of Blessed Sacrament, known as the “craft” circle, our handiwork is featured at our Granny’s Corner sale held each year during the Christmas season.  Proceeds from the sale are used to support such projects as Trinity School’s John Meikenhous Memorial Scholarship Fund, Open Door Women’s Clinic, our Inn-Between Family, St. Vincent DePaul and Ronald McDonald House.  Working with other Circles, MPH brings solace to grieving families through the Helping Hands Program, assists with Lenten Lite Meals, the RCIA Reception and Mother/Daughter Luncheon.  Joining with our parish family, MPH lends time and talent to the Octoberfest, the Children’s Christmas Party, the Parish Picnic, and has served finger sandwiches and platefuls of calorie rich confections at the Bishop’s annual Anniversary Mass.  Nationally, we have worked on such timely issues as hurricane relief, human trafficking, fetal stem cell research and same sex marriage.  Partnered with Catholic Relief Services, MPH helps support the worldwide Water for Life and Madonna Plan projects.  A member of the National Council of Catholic Women, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of our members spiritually through leadership and service.  We meet monthly on the 3rd Monday, September through May, at 9:30 A.M. in the Parish Center (Nursery). Put on a happy face and come join us, nimble fingered crafters, at work in the vineyard of the Lord.  For more information, please contact Carolyn Walsh 850-212-0687

Helping Hands
“Helping Hands” is an outreach program of the Women’s Circles.  It’s purpose is to comfort and assist family members of deceased parishioners.  Each Circle assigns one or two members as Helping Hands representatives.  The priest notifies the Helping Hands coordinator of a death in the parish; and the coordinator, in turn, contacts the family and offers assistance in the way of transportation, babysitting, house sitting, food, and other needs.  A phone chain is activated to encourage all Circle members to attend the rosary and/or the funeral.

Women of Grace Study Series
Women exert a powerful influence in the home, workplace and in parish involvement.  They must be grounded in their own faith, so they can respond to what God’s plan is for them and their family.  Johnette Benkovic, host of EWTN’s “The Abundant Life” has developed this small group study to catechize all women, so they can respond to God’s call.  This study is infused with scripture, Church doctrine, Catechism of the Catholic Church, and lives of the saints.  Parish women will grow in knowledge of their faith, deepen their prayer life, and learn about the virtues of many of the great women saints.  The study/prayer group will teach all women to embrace their gift of authentic femininity and their dignity as daughters of God.  This is an invitation to all women to take the plunge and invigorate your lives!

There is no prior requirement.  If you are a woman who would like to increase your capacity to love and pray, this is for you.  If you would like to bring joy and peace into your life, please come.   We will a morning and an evening session.  Contact person: Jean Nixon, 445-3793.