Sick and Shut-in Ministry

The task in ministry to sick and homebound persons is to be caring towards persons in the name of Jesus Christ, and to help strengthen their connection to the rest of the Body of Christ.  In the fullest sense, this is a healing ministry.

The Church mandates that we stay close to those who are ill, holding them in our hearts and prayers and offering them comfort.

Many people in our parish go to homes and facilities to minister to people who are ill or aged.  Those visiting bring “the Church” to sick and homebound people.  They visit, pray and make them a big part of our Church.  They have the privilege to receive Holy Eucharist during these visits.  People who are involved in this ministry are selected because of their concern and interest in our elderly.  These people follow procedures and suggestions given to them either alone or in groups.

During the Christmas season, several families receive food and toys for their children.  Many women in the parish provide this service.

If you are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Carol Sunderhaus 877-8775.