Roamin’ Catholics

“Roamin’ Catholics” goes back about 15 years, and was originally started to offer retired parishioners excursions to nearby locations, strictly for fun, and at a low cost.  Some of the earlier outings were to Apalachicola, Havana, Wakulla Springs, Savannah and St. Augustine.  Some of the trips were one or two nights away.  Eventually, these short outings evolved into overseas tours, religiously oriented, to Mexico (Shrine of Guadalupe), Ireland, Portugal and France (Fatima and Lourdes).

“Roamin’ Catholics” is currently in need of a director.  Previous trips have been organized by Moira Desloge, but because of family obligations, she is looking for someone to take over this activity.  Moira will be glad to pass along all the “trade secrets” to anyone interested in taking over this activity.  You can contact Moira Desloge at 385-3031.