Respect Life Committee

The Respect Life Committee of Blessed Sacrament’s main purpose is to provide awareness and educational materials to members of the parish and community on pro-life issues. In addition to issues concerning abortion, this includes the death penalty, euthanasia, and the unjust treatment of the elderly, handicapped, or poor, and the killing of life by embryonic stem cell research and contraception.  Blessed Sacrament’s Respect Life Committee provides literature in all these areas. 

The current activities of the committee coincide with those of the diocese in terms of respect life, and also include the parish fair and a rose sale for Mother’s Day.  The Committee also acts as a liaison for the diocese in respect life issues or events.

The committee meets approximately three times a year, before each activity (September, January and April).  The meetings include prayer, planning and updates on life issues.  Future plans include having a speakers’ symposium to educate and bring in more people.  Topics might include the death penalty, and stem cell research.

For more information, contact: Ann McGlynn, 297-0099; Sue Spiccia, 877-7338; Jean Nixon, 553-4015; or Patsy Gates, 222-5019.