“And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life; he that
comes to me shall never hunger; and he that believes in me
shall never thirst.” John 6:35

Through the Catholic Sharing Appeal, we lend a helping
band to many people. The Church of Pensacola-Tallahassee
is one of the smallest in the country, yet we proudly take our
place among the rest with our many, many activities
impacting the community.

We ask you to make your pledge today … drop it in the mail
or bring it to the office. The people of our parish have
responded so generously to this appeal in the past; the initial
response indicates a generous response again this year.

I hope that every person with an income will give
something. God blesses every effort of ours. Keep this in
your prayers and do what you can to extend a helping hand.
I thank you for all you do to make our parish family work.

Caring Means Sharing
God Bless Your Generosity!

Let’s Rediscover Catholicism

On Easter, every family received a copy of Matthew Kelly’s
“Rediscover Catholicism” book as gift from the parish. The
parish has chosen this book to start small groups in the parish.
Sign ups will be in the parish hall on] Easter, April 11/12, and
18/19. Leaders have opened their homes to host these groups, and
you can choose a group at sign up. Small groups start the week
of April 26th. Leaders will host six weekly meeting. Groups will
be in neighborhoods, Blessed Sacrament meeting rooms or the
Neumann Center. Day and evening groups are available.

Vacation Bible School

Charting the course for “The Vatican Express” (which departs
Monday morning at 9:00 A.M. sharp on June 15th and arrives
Friday, June 19th, at noon) is progressing nicely. We will be
recruiting and training conductors (adults and teens) soon
after Easter. So, look for our table in the Parish Hall in April
to sign up to volunteer and also to register your pilgrims for
the tour! A more detailed itinerary will be published very
soon. Contact Mary Staney at 422-0372 or

Inactive Catholics

We would like to invite all who are inactive to come back home.
The initial step is difficult… you belong here and we will be happy
to help.

From the  Pastor’s Desk
We are honored to have non-Catholics attend Mass, especially
your guests, and invite you to introduce them to our priests after
Mass. Any Catholic bringing guests should tell them about the
Mass prior to their visit. At Communion time, non-Catholics are
asked not to participate in Communion, which is viewed as the
Real Presence of Christ by Catholics, but not by all other
Christian groups. Catholics when attending other Christian
services, are reminded likewise not to participate in Communion
out of respect for difference in belief.

Blessing of the Food

Blessed Sacrament Church will!offer the Rite of the “Blessing
of the Food” on Holy Saturday April 4, at 2:00 P.M. in the
Church. We hope many families will add this Eastern
European tradition to their Easter celebration. Simply bring
your family and a basket with a selection of food to be blessed,
and then consumed on Easter Sunday. The selection usually
includes butter or dairy products, meat and eggs, bitter herbs,
wine, salt and bread, and may include children’s Easter Basket
items as well. The Rite of Blessing will be conducted for the
food and families present, and ill only take about 15 minutes.